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Giraffe Lovers [entries|friends|calendar]
People who love Giraffes!!

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Awesome facts about Giraffes website [04 Feb 2010|10:00pm]


I just wanted to share this website it's pretty awesome. It has random Giraffe facts.


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[05 Apr 2009|04:24pm]
[ mood | blank ]

6 giraffe icons

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This is a very serious matter, and I need everyone's opinion! (I think I may have even posted this here a year ago, but oh well~)

When you collect something that is not quite within the norm, like giraffes, every now and then something weird crosses your path. I have three unique pieces in my collection, and frankly, I'm not sure which is the weirdest.

PhotosCollapse )

Poll #1334721 Weirdest Giraffe!

Which giraffe is creepiest?

Curdles, the stinky giraffe demon
Bobble-head giraffe
Scissor-face family

Vote away!
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[20 Jan 2009|04:32am]

No one ever updates here anymore :(
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growing up giraffe [05 Aug 2008|02:16pm]

Animal Planet runs a series of shows called "Growing Up ... " and I recently recorded one called "Growing Up Giraffe." It was about a wild life park in San Diego and their struggle to raise a baby giraffe as they faced so many obstacles. It was such a sweet show and informative. I don't know if it will be on again, but they tend to repeat shows. So you might want to look for it if you missed it. I highly recommend it! ;-)
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tiny giraffe [01 Feb 2008|02:20pm]

Have you guys seen this story? I saw a clip on CNN but can't find it any more. Here's a news article with an adorable photo though.

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computer doodles [14 Jan 2008|03:08pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

So I'm sitting here at work with not much to do (shhhh!) and I'm looking at a little giraffe figure I have on my desk. I figure it should be pretty easy to reproduce with a graphics program because it's made of some pretty basic shapes.

So I gave it a try .....

Oooooh! I love giraffes! <3

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Giraffe pics!!! [13 Jan 2008|02:10am]

Some pics that i took at the zoo when i went there this fall.

I was really sad when i didnt get there in time to get a ticket to feed them...it was really sad.
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new. [24 Dec 2007|12:11am]


oh man! i'm so happy to have found this place. :) hello everyone. i figured i'd post some cute pictures i took at the zoo last year.

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A giraffe community! [04 Nov 2007|10:28am]

[ mood | amused ]

How fun. I just put "giraffes" in as an interest figuring I'd find animal communities. Heh. Here's a photo of a cute big guy I took at a place called Safari West in northern California. http://www.safariwest.com/

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

one more photo and videoCollapse )

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[14 Oct 2007|09:23pm]

The link is dead. Please, give more links to webcams!
One more gift for you.

And two more here http://www.webcam-list.com/blog/2007/10/giraffe.html
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Spotted Fever! [24 May 2007|11:58am]

[ mood | dorky ]

If you haven't already, come visit Spotted Fever, fanlisting and club for Giraffe lovers with photos, fun facts and a great store! 


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Blair Drummond Safari Park [25 Mar 2007|06:50pm]

I moved to Aberfoyle, Stirlingshire in Scotland recently and its just down the road from Blair Drummond Safari Park. My boyfriend took me there and they had a giraffe section with a deck next to them. There were 4 giraffes and as one walked past i reached out and i was so close to touching it. It was amazing.
Im quite sad now though because i just heard that one of the baby giraffes died during an operation to remove a tumour. Its such a shame as they are so beautiful.

I'v loved giraffes since i was little and im hoping to get a giraffe tattoo soon. Iv found a few really good designs but i'm still unsure what to get =o]
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Thought I'd Check You Guys Out [28 Aug 2006|11:14am]

[ mood | cold ]

Just thought I'f join here as I'm completly obessed with giraffes, bought two new teddy ones yesterday at the charity shop yesterday (they are in the wash because they smelled like my granny). I've loved giraffes for ages, I even managed to loose my group at the zoo when I was 5 when I went with school just so I could go and look at giraffes. I might post some of my giraffe work on here sometime, I love making giraffe glitters,


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First Post [24 Jun 2006|03:36pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Hi! I joined this community because I love giraffes (of course). I got a giraffe stuffed animal when I was a year old (I still have it), and ever since then I have adored giraffes. They're just so amazing and interesting. Not to mention incredibly cute.:)

Anyway, does anyone know where I can find any giraffe icons? I can't seem to find any on the Internet.

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[19 Jun 2006|04:07pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

The Only Giraffe Site You Need 

Check It OUT!!!

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Some Giraffes Around My Desk [13 Jun 2006|09:12am]

[ mood | tired ]

I seem to have giraffes congregating upon my desk at work. Look!

                                                                                                               Zebrah... what.

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[27 May 2006|10:19am]
:] when i go to the zoo,
i go straight for the giraffes.
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i love giraffes [25 Mar 2006|08:42pm]

I've liked Giraffes ever since I was little. I just think they are awesome animals. They have a purple tongue, which is my favorite color. And it is so long and it's awesome to see them get food from trees. I love how tall they are and how friendly they are. I got a feed a giraffe once and that is a day I will never forget. I collect giraffe merchandise too, I have stuffed animals, figurines, posters. I just love this animal to death. If you could have one as a pet, I'd surely have one.
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Photos [16 Nov 2005|09:03pm]

I thought I would add something to this group by posting a few of my giraffe pictures. I don't know about everyone else, but I take 50 pictures and only get three good ones. And that's after some touch-up in Photoshop.

Hiding in the Trees
Giraffes do this all the time, so, the next time you take a walk in the woods, keep a look-out for them. ;)

Actually, this one really liked to lick trees and seemed to be able to do that forever. Trees must taste really good or they're just handy to nibble on.

Other Side of the Fence
A young giraffe who seems to be planning an escape. ;)

She was really curious about some deer on the other side.

Ethereal Giraffe
Here's looking at you, Kid.
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