Suzanne (suzbsbkurtz) wrote in giraffe_lovers,

i love giraffes

I've liked Giraffes ever since I was little. I just think they are awesome animals. They have a purple tongue, which is my favorite color. And it is so long and it's awesome to see them get food from trees. I love how tall they are and how friendly they are. I got a feed a giraffe once and that is a day I will never forget. I collect giraffe merchandise too, I have stuffed animals, figurines, posters. I just love this animal to death. If you could have one as a pet, I'd surely have one.
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I love them! People always say "WHY GIRAFFES?" and think I'm a total wierdo.

I think they are adorable!
i get the same thing. but their so cute and adorable. the sad thing is they are starting to go extinct and I wish I could do something to stop that.
I love giraffes too :)
they're just wonderful animals. I love them so much!!
I think it's their gracefullness that makes them so appealing. :D I remember watching this lady feed a giraffe and it drooled on her; everyone was grossed out, but I thought it was spectacular. Ahaha.... XD;;

I got to feed a giraffe once too! He wraped his tongue around my arm lol. It was kind of gross but funny at the same time.